Meet Me

Hi! My name is Lara {short for Lauren}

I'm a sophomore in High School

I also have a youtube channel with my best friend Ellie

Ellie & I in Pre-School, we have literally been best friends since c. 1999

I have a little brother, John

And a little sister Lilly Faith.

I am 1/2 South African 1/2 America, yes I have 2 passports, & yes I am a white African

I am a dog person and have 2 fabulous dogs. Cinder {Lab} & Pepsi {German Shepard Mix}

I am a Southern girl born & raised and I love me some good SEC football {Go Vols & Geaux Tiger}
I took this photo last fall!

I really enjoy traveling. I've been to around 14 different country, but my favourites are the UK, Switzerland, & South Africa.

Me skiing in Switzerland

A cheetah in South Africa {My dad took this}

London. I took this during the 2012 Olympics

I would classify my style as preppy, classic, + chic.

Pinterest is probably my biggest obsession.


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