Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The White Top

Currently I have become obsessed with white tops, tees, and blouses. Here is just a little lookbook I threw together showing some of my favourite looks featuring white tops! 

<<Look 1: Boho Chic>>

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fall Fashion Inspirations: Vests

My favorite clothing item for the fall is vests. Here are some pictures I found on Pinterest, and some of my own that are styling vests.


The infamous J. Crew herringbone vest! This is how I styled it for fall Vols football games!

How cute is this outfit?

Adding a pink vest can add a bright pop in the fall.

Sarah Belle is just perfect!

The Patagonia Better Sweater vest! This is on my wish list.

•City Chic•

I never thought I would like fur vests, but this year I have just been obsessed. 

I love how this vest looks with the burgundy pants.

This is actually the picture that sparked my obsession!

Thanks so much for watching! And go follow me on my pinterest to see my latest loves & obsessions!

Friday, August 8, 2014

School Supplies Haul!

Yes, its that time of the year again, back to school. I hate going back as much as everyone else, BUT the only thing that makes me somewhat excited for school is shopping for supplies!

This year a went for a pink, gold, & white theme, I guess its Kate Spade inspired. Last year (Freshman year) I had lots of Lilly and chevron, but this year I wanted my school supplies to look more chic (if that makes any sense!)

 Here is a photo of my school supplies last year

Now onto my supplies for my Sophomore year!!


I got my binders from Staples, and I made these gold + white covers for all of them!

My backpack is the North Face Borealis, and I just got in monogrammed in hot pink!

How cute are these mini notebooks?! I got the pink on at target, and the white one is from Kate Spade

This binder is my "random" binder. In here I have a 3 hole punch & extra paper!

This notebook has to be my favorite thing I got! At first I thought it was from Kate Spade, but I actually got in at TJ Maxx!! I think I'm going to use this for my English class :)

Then I just got 2 notebooks. I'm going to use the pink one for Geometry and the black on for French! I've also bought a gold monogram to go on the black on.

How adorable are these Kate Spade pens!? They have a little saying on each one :)

These are my favorite pens. They are the Papermate Profile.

And finally this is my pencil case, it is the Tusk in Sun one from Lilly Pulitzer!!

Thanks so much for reading! Look out for some back to school videos coming to our youtube soon!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meet Faith

As most of you may know, we adopted a little girl from South Africa. Now that she is officially ours, I can post pictures and all cool stuff like that. Her full name is Lillian Faith [her birth name was Faith and we added the Lillian]. She will either be called Lilly Faith or just Faith. She is 1 year 11 months and her birthday is 25 August, which is the same as mine actually!! Her are some pictures of her so brace yourself because you are about to witness some adorableness!

This was the first day my mom and I met her, my dad and brother flew in a couple days later.

She is seriously the most smile kid ever!

Okay, she is also extremely photogenic and is practically a model.

This is her after bath time one day, and please excuse the fact that my eyes are red...

This was the first time my dad met Faith, how adorable is this pic?

And finally, this is the most recent picture. This was from her first night staying with us!! And I just has to take a pic with Faith and my matching in our onesies!!

So that is all for now! More pics to come!! Thanks so much for reading.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

South Africa Update: Johannesburg!!

So, as most of you already know- I am in South Africa. We are adopting a little girl from South Africa, but that is not the only reason I am down here. I am a South African, and I have family and friends down here so we obviously had to visit everyone while we are down here! 

This is just a picture I took in the airport before we left, I thought it was pretty cute :)

So currently we are in Johannesburg visiting friends. We have been here since Wednesday 2 July and leave Monday 7 July. Here in Joburg, the wifi is EXTREMELY slow! So sorry for the lack of instagrams, blog posts, and vlogs! Nothing super exciting is happening here BUT I should start vlogging when we get to Cape Town, which is stop #2. Cape Town should have must faster wifi so I can get vlogs up!! In Cape Town we are going to be visiting cousins & meeting my little sister for the first time!! 

So that is just a little Johannesburg update because I could not vlog down here! 


Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favourites!

Well you may be wondering why Emery's and my June favorites are on our blogs and not our youtube. Well the video accidentally got deleted of our camera… This has actually happened several time and is quite annoying! I even have the thumbnail here to prove that we filmed it!

We were also having an amazing makeup//lighting//hair day so its so sad that it was deleted! Anyways here are my favorites for the month of June!

First I've absolutely been loving the NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator. It gives your skin a nice natural glow and it look amazing for summer!!

Next I have been loving the Tarte BB Creme. It has almost a mousse consistency and is very light, BUT gives a flawless finish.

Another one of my favorites has been the Almay Intense Eye Color eyeliner crayon. I have it in the color raison, which is great for green eyes and makes them pop!

I have another eyeliner… This one is the Too Faced pencil liner. It is in a very dark orchid color which also makes green eyes pop! This month I've really been loving using makeup to make my green eyes pop.

I normally do not have a lot of makeup favs because I usually use all the same products, but during June I've been trying lots of new things!! I normally don't ever use bronzer, but I've been using it almost every day this month. I absolutely LOVE it for the summer! This is the Rimmel Natural Bronzer.

I am a HUGE blush fan, [its probably my fav makeup product] and I've always wanted to try the Milani Baked Blush and a coral blush, so why not combine them? I absolutely love this blush.

This is the final makeup product, I swear. It is the Kate Spade Supercalfragilipstick. I pretty much just bought it for the packing, but it ended but being a great everyday lip color.

Now onto the fashion favorites! This month I've been wearing out this J. Crew peplum top. It is so comfy, yet super classy & sophisticated. 

Next another J. Crew item. Are you surprised? These are the Harper Bow Flats in the gorgeous coral color and add a pop to any outfit!!

Next I have a fav from Brandy Melville and that may actually come as a surprise. Brandy has some adorable basic tops actually. This grey tee is a one size fits all so its really boxy on me, which I wanted. Its so comfy & versatile!!

Sorry for the computer in the background… I was watching Top Gear :)

Now finally, some food items!!

I've been loving these Naked Juices this month! Its like a meal in a bottle, all it is, is a fruit smoothie!

And finally [and yes I stole this picture from Ellie] is the Boom Chicka Pop! Its practically a healthy popcorn, but its so good and doesn't taste healthy at all!!

That's all my favorites for this month! I hope you enjoyed! I'm sorry my pics aren't as cute//artsy//staged as Ellie's, but hey I tried!!