Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favourites!

Well you may be wondering why Emery's and my June favorites are on our blogs and not our youtube. Well the video accidentally got deleted of our camera… This has actually happened several time and is quite annoying! I even have the thumbnail here to prove that we filmed it!

We were also having an amazing makeup//lighting//hair day so its so sad that it was deleted! Anyways here are my favorites for the month of June!

First I've absolutely been loving the NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator. It gives your skin a nice natural glow and it look amazing for summer!!

Next I have been loving the Tarte BB Creme. It has almost a mousse consistency and is very light, BUT gives a flawless finish.

Another one of my favorites has been the Almay Intense Eye Color eyeliner crayon. I have it in the color raison, which is great for green eyes and makes them pop!

I have another eyeliner… This one is the Too Faced pencil liner. It is in a very dark orchid color which also makes green eyes pop! This month I've really been loving using makeup to make my green eyes pop.

I normally do not have a lot of makeup favs because I usually use all the same products, but during June I've been trying lots of new things!! I normally don't ever use bronzer, but I've been using it almost every day this month. I absolutely LOVE it for the summer! This is the Rimmel Natural Bronzer.

I am a HUGE blush fan, [its probably my fav makeup product] and I've always wanted to try the Milani Baked Blush and a coral blush, so why not combine them? I absolutely love this blush.

This is the final makeup product, I swear. It is the Kate Spade Supercalfragilipstick. I pretty much just bought it for the packing, but it ended but being a great everyday lip color.

Now onto the fashion favorites! This month I've been wearing out this J. Crew peplum top. It is so comfy, yet super classy & sophisticated. 

Next another J. Crew item. Are you surprised? These are the Harper Bow Flats in the gorgeous coral color and add a pop to any outfit!!

Next I have a fav from Brandy Melville and that may actually come as a surprise. Brandy has some adorable basic tops actually. This grey tee is a one size fits all so its really boxy on me, which I wanted. Its so comfy & versatile!!

Sorry for the computer in the background… I was watching Top Gear :)

Now finally, some food items!!

I've been loving these Naked Juices this month! Its like a meal in a bottle, all it is, is a fruit smoothie!

And finally [and yes I stole this picture from Ellie] is the Boom Chicka Pop! Its practically a healthy popcorn, but its so good and doesn't taste healthy at all!!

That's all my favorites for this month! I hope you enjoyed! I'm sorry my pics aren't as cute//artsy//staged as Ellie's, but hey I tried!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Stylespiration: City Chic

Recently I've really been loving the "City Chic" or "European-ish" style. These are just some pictures that I have gotten inspirations from, and also some trends I've been loving.

I've also been loving just simple grey tees. They are such a basic, but can be paired in so many ways.

 I love this tee and cut-offs combo.

Also I have been dying over these tweed coats. I'm also loving the booties as well.

I love it with the blue top.

I love this coat from Gap, paired with these Gap boyfriend jeans.

I love how she paired these boyfriend jeans with a bright, slouchy tee.

I R E A L LY want some boots like this 

Oxfords: a classic that are so versatile

Love this!

Who doesn't love a slouchy top + skinnys and white converse?!

Loving the converse!

Stripes + Cut-offs = a YES

Thanks so much for reading :) I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cute, Comfy Travel Outfit

When you travel you obviously want to be comfy, but who said you can't be cute too?! This is a mini lookbook on some suggestions to wear when you travel. 

 •Outfit 1•

Comfy, loose shorts like these from Red Dress Boutique are great for traveling! I just paired them with a simple Polo v-neck.

 I absolutely L O V E these Target sandals

 •Outfit 2•

Jeans, a loose tee, a slouchy cardigan, and a huge scarf is the P E R F E C T I O N combination for traveling!

A Longchamp is the perfect travel tote! Its is durable, great quality, & it fits a lot!

I love these converse! They are really comfortable and go with almost everything!!

 •Outfit 3•

 I love this military jacket from Old Navy, its more on the light weight side! 

How cute is this striped tee?

 •Outfit 4•

This is definitely the most casual of the looks, but its still pretty cute!!

Who doesn't love a good pair of Sperrys?

I hope this helped!! I'm going on a 17hr flight in July, so I will probably wear something like outfit 4! Comment the which outfit you liked best!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

Okay, I'm a shopaholic, but I'm not made of money {I know right, its terrible}. These are the current items on my wish list that I haven't quite bought myself to buy just yet. My birthday is 25 August, but I don't know if I can wait that long!! 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

1) Pink Hunters
I already have the black Hunters, but I love them SO much I just HAVE to get this pink pair!! 

2) Kate Spade Watch
I had the biggest debate over whether to get a Kate Spade or Michael Kors watch. I decided that I preferred this Kate Spade watch because it is a little more feminine that the MK. 

3) Kate Spade Bubble Umbrella
Okay, I have A L W A Y S wanted a bubble umbrella, and what is better than Kate Spade + a bubble umbrella? The answer is nothing. This is to die for!!

4) Beach Cruiser
I love to ride bikes, and sadly my current bike is too small for me :( I really love the retro style of these beach cruiser bikes, and love them in both a pink or a mint color. These are just the cutest bikes EVER!

5) Range Rover
Yes, I probably won't get this is the near future, but a girl can dream right?! The black Range Rover is my dream car & hopefully one day I will own the beaut. I am definitely a car person. I mean I've seen all 21 seasons of Top Gear UK. {If that says anything}

So there are my top 5 items currently on my wish list! Leave a comment & tell me what you are currently lusting over!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Traveling Essentials

I travel a lot. Traveling is one of my favorite things. Okay, I hate airplanes, but I guess you are forced to deal with them. Airplanes are like the one kid in your class that you hate, you can avoid them so you are just forced to deal with them. I've been to around 14 countries, and out of all of them Switzerland, England, & South Africa have to be my favorites. 

These are some of my traveling must-haves for every long trip!

1) A Comfy Blanket
A really soft, comfy blanket is my #1 essential for long {especially overnight} flights. It will keep you warm and snuggly for the long trip.

2) Comfy Shoes
When you are traveling you defiantly want to wear your most comfortable shoes. Whether that be sneakers, flats, sandals, boots, etc. These converse are a new item to my closet & they are defiantly quite a comfortable shoe {not to mention they are super cute}

3) A Sweatshirt or Comfy Oversized Sweater
As you can see, I've used the word "comfy" quite a bit already. Whenever you are going to be traveling for a long about of time you obviously want to be as comfy as possible!! Airplanes can get quite cold, so pack accordingly! If I'm feeling more casual I'll bring something like a Shep Shirt, but if I'm feeling a bit more trendy then I'll bring a big slouchy sweater

4) Leggings 
Leggings are my go to travel pants. Even in the summer I travel in leggings {like I said, planes are cold} Leggings are comfy, and cute! You can wear a pocket tee with them and be super casual, or pair them with something more trendy! Definitely the most versatile clothing piece ever!!

5) A Large Tote/Purse
The larger the carry-on the better. Tote bags or large purses are defiantly the best traveling bags. I normal use my large Longchamp Le Pliage as my carry-on bag. It is durable, holds a ton, and not to mention its really cute!!

6) A Hat
Fact: planes mess up your hair no matter what. I always throw a cap into my bag to make my hair look somewhat decent! I normally put my hat one once we land, but you obviously can wear it whenever!

7) Your Phone, iPad, Computer, etc.
Bring any electronic device you what. Make sure they are stocked up with music, books, games, movies, etc. I pretty much just listen to music & watch movies the whole flight & I could NOT live without my phone & laptop!

8) Glasses
Who wants to travel in contacts? I'm pretty sure the answer is no one! Whether you have perception glasses or just reading glasses definitely bring them on your flight! Also its probably a good idea to also bring your sunglass! 

Those are some of my top travel essentials for y'all! I hoped this helped!