Sunday, July 6, 2014

South Africa Update: Johannesburg!!

So, as most of you already know- I am in South Africa. We are adopting a little girl from South Africa, but that is not the only reason I am down here. I am a South African, and I have family and friends down here so we obviously had to visit everyone while we are down here! 

This is just a picture I took in the airport before we left, I thought it was pretty cute :)

So currently we are in Johannesburg visiting friends. We have been here since Wednesday 2 July and leave Monday 7 July. Here in Joburg, the wifi is EXTREMELY slow! So sorry for the lack of instagrams, blog posts, and vlogs! Nothing super exciting is happening here BUT I should start vlogging when we get to Cape Town, which is stop #2. Cape Town should have must faster wifi so I can get vlogs up!! In Cape Town we are going to be visiting cousins & meeting my little sister for the first time!! 

So that is just a little Johannesburg update because I could not vlog down here! 


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