Friday, August 8, 2014

School Supplies Haul!

Yes, its that time of the year again, back to school. I hate going back as much as everyone else, BUT the only thing that makes me somewhat excited for school is shopping for supplies!

This year a went for a pink, gold, & white theme, I guess its Kate Spade inspired. Last year (Freshman year) I had lots of Lilly and chevron, but this year I wanted my school supplies to look more chic (if that makes any sense!)

 Here is a photo of my school supplies last year

Now onto my supplies for my Sophomore year!!


I got my binders from Staples, and I made these gold + white covers for all of them!

My backpack is the North Face Borealis, and I just got in monogrammed in hot pink!

How cute are these mini notebooks?! I got the pink on at target, and the white one is from Kate Spade

This binder is my "random" binder. In here I have a 3 hole punch & extra paper!

This notebook has to be my favorite thing I got! At first I thought it was from Kate Spade, but I actually got in at TJ Maxx!! I think I'm going to use this for my English class :)

Then I just got 2 notebooks. I'm going to use the pink one for Geometry and the black on for French! I've also bought a gold monogram to go on the black on.

How adorable are these Kate Spade pens!? They have a little saying on each one :)

These are my favorite pens. They are the Papermate Profile.

And finally this is my pencil case, it is the Tusk in Sun one from Lilly Pulitzer!!

Thanks so much for reading! Look out for some back to school videos coming to our youtube soon!!


  1. Love your supplies! They are super adorable !


  2. Love your supplies! Very Kate Spade-espque! I am in LOVE with the gold dots and pink!!

  3. I love your school supplies, it is all so cute! Plus, those binders are perfection! I may have to steal some of your ideas for my own, everything is just so cute!

  4. How did you make those super cute binder covers!

  5. what font did you use for the binders you used in your freshman year?

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  7. These are so cute i love the design x

  8. i absolutely love the look of designs!!!