Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Traveling Essentials

I travel a lot. Traveling is one of my favorite things. Okay, I hate airplanes, but I guess you are forced to deal with them. Airplanes are like the one kid in your class that you hate, you can avoid them so you are just forced to deal with them. I've been to around 14 countries, and out of all of them Switzerland, England, & South Africa have to be my favorites. 

These are some of my traveling must-haves for every long trip!

1) A Comfy Blanket
A really soft, comfy blanket is my #1 essential for long {especially overnight} flights. It will keep you warm and snuggly for the long trip.

2) Comfy Shoes
When you are traveling you defiantly want to wear your most comfortable shoes. Whether that be sneakers, flats, sandals, boots, etc. These converse are a new item to my closet & they are defiantly quite a comfortable shoe {not to mention they are super cute}

3) A Sweatshirt or Comfy Oversized Sweater
As you can see, I've used the word "comfy" quite a bit already. Whenever you are going to be traveling for a long about of time you obviously want to be as comfy as possible!! Airplanes can get quite cold, so pack accordingly! If I'm feeling more casual I'll bring something like a Shep Shirt, but if I'm feeling a bit more trendy then I'll bring a big slouchy sweater

4) Leggings 
Leggings are my go to travel pants. Even in the summer I travel in leggings {like I said, planes are cold} Leggings are comfy, and cute! You can wear a pocket tee with them and be super casual, or pair them with something more trendy! Definitely the most versatile clothing piece ever!!

5) A Large Tote/Purse
The larger the carry-on the better. Tote bags or large purses are defiantly the best traveling bags. I normal use my large Longchamp Le Pliage as my carry-on bag. It is durable, holds a ton, and not to mention its really cute!!

6) A Hat
Fact: planes mess up your hair no matter what. I always throw a cap into my bag to make my hair look somewhat decent! I normally put my hat one once we land, but you obviously can wear it whenever!

7) Your Phone, iPad, Computer, etc.
Bring any electronic device you what. Make sure they are stocked up with music, books, games, movies, etc. I pretty much just listen to music & watch movies the whole flight & I could NOT live without my phone & laptop!

8) Glasses
Who wants to travel in contacts? I'm pretty sure the answer is no one! Whether you have perception glasses or just reading glasses definitely bring them on your flight! Also its probably a good idea to also bring your sunglass! 

Those are some of my top travel essentials for y'all! I hoped this helped!

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  1. Lara,
    I am so happy that you started a blog! The name is adorable and I love the gold dots:) I have been a fan of yours and Ellie's youtube for a long time.. Super excited to see more posts from you in the future!