Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cute, Comfy Travel Outfit

When you travel you obviously want to be comfy, but who said you can't be cute too?! This is a mini lookbook on some suggestions to wear when you travel. 

 •Outfit 1•

Comfy, loose shorts like these from Red Dress Boutique are great for traveling! I just paired them with a simple Polo v-neck.

 I absolutely L O V E these Target sandals

 •Outfit 2•

Jeans, a loose tee, a slouchy cardigan, and a huge scarf is the P E R F E C T I O N combination for traveling!

A Longchamp is the perfect travel tote! Its is durable, great quality, & it fits a lot!

I love these converse! They are really comfortable and go with almost everything!!

 •Outfit 3•

 I love this military jacket from Old Navy, its more on the light weight side! 

How cute is this striped tee?

 •Outfit 4•

This is definitely the most casual of the looks, but its still pretty cute!!

Who doesn't love a good pair of Sperrys?

I hope this helped!! I'm going on a 17hr flight in July, so I will probably wear something like outfit 4! Comment the which outfit you liked best!!


  1. 2 & 3 :) love them all though!

  2. The first and last one are adorable! I'M OBBSESSED WITH SOUTHERN SHIRT COMPANY.